List of Compositions:

This is only a partial list of my works so far. Scores of the compositions listed below are available upon request.

All of these materials are protected by International Copyright.

Works for solo Piano:
Sonata # 1 (1980)
Cappricio in D; (1986)
Cappriccio in G; (1986)
Toccata: Homage to Domenico Scarlatti; (1986)
Capriccio in e minor; (1986)
Chaconne in D; (1988)
Sonatina in E flat; (1988)
Sonata # 2 (1990)
Cappriccio in E; (1990)
Sonatina Venezolana in c minor; (1990)
Cappriccio in C; (1991)
Cappriccio in F; (1991)
Ten Preludes for the Summer of 1991
Hallelujah; Song of Praise in G; (1992)
Hallelujah; Song of Praise in E; (1992)
Toccata; Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach; (1992)
Etude in C; (1994)
Five Prayers; (1995)
Seven Meditations; (1997)
Four Meditations; (1998)
Preludes for Piano; (2002)
Four Preludes in A flat; (2003)
Four Preludes in A; (2003)
Four Meditations; (2005)
Lied ohne Worte; (2005)
Song without Words in E; (2006)
Praeludium in E; (2006)
An American Waltz; (2006)
Redemption: Suite; (2008)
I  Prelude
II  Rondeau
III Sonatina
IV Romanze
V Lied ohne Worte
Four Pieces for Hannukah; (2008)
I Praeludium
II Meditatio
III Serenade
IV Valse Romantique
Prelude and Fugue in e minor; (2011)
Manhattan Serenade, in e minor; (2011)
Sonatensatz, in F; (2011)
Spring Serenade, in C; (2012)
Night Thoughts, in c sharp minor; (2012)
An afternoon in the country; in D Mixolydian Mode; (2012)
Summer Serenade in E flat; (2012)
Fourth of July at Belvoir Terrace,
     Lenox, MA; (2012)
Toccata Festiva, in D; (2012)
Etude for the left hand alone,
     in F sharp; (2012)
Song without words in A flat; (2012)
Song without words in D flat; (2013)
Etude in B; Homage to Charles Valentin Alkan; (2013)
Intermezzo in C; (2013)
Etude in g minor; Homage to Charles Valentin Alkan; (2013)
Prelude and Fugue in F; (2014)
The New York Preludes; (2015)
Promedade in B; (2015)
Spring Serenade in D; (2015)
Rhapsody in b minor; "Dies Irae" (2015)
Four Pieces for Hannukah; (2015)
New York Freylekhs; (2016)
Impromptu in a minor; (2016)
Klezmer Dance #1 for Piano; (2016)
Interlude #1 (2016)
Jazz Prelude (2017)
Intermezzo in B flat (2017)
Enigma (2017)
Sidewalks of Manhattan (2018)
Reflections (2018)
A New York Toccata (2018)
West Side Serenade (2018)
Impromptu # 2 (2018)
Scene from a Latin Ballet (2018)
Serenade in b minor (2018)
Reminiscences (2018)
Manhattan Samba (2018)
Works for Violin and Piano:
Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord Obbligatto; (2003)
Waltz in D; (2012)
Waltz in F; (2012)
Elegy in c minor; (2013)
Klezmer Piece # 1: "A wedding in  Yakubeni" (2013)
Hassidic Melody # 1; "The searching Heart"; (2013)
Hassidic Melody # 2; "A Simchah at Bacau" (2013)
Valse Romantique, in D; (2014)
Klezmer Piece #2; Pilgrimage to Berditchev; (2015)
Song without Words; (2015)
For Laura; (2017)
Waltz for Violin; (2017)
The Lenox Suite; (2017)
Works for Violin and Guitar:
"The New York Folia"; (2018)
Works for Viola and Piano:
Sonata in g minor; (2003)
Hassidic Melody # 1 in g minor; (2013)
Intermezzo in e minor; (2014)
Works for Violoncello and Piano:
Toccatta in the Phrygian Mode; (2012)
Prelude in A; (2012)
Hassidic Melody # 1 in a minor; (2013)
Valse Lente, in A; (2014)
Elegie; (2015)
Klezmer Fantasia #1; "Memories of Hanipol"; (2016)
Klezmer Fantasia #2; "Holidays at Rimanov"; (2016)
Works for Piano Trio:
Konzertstcuk in Klezmer Style, in g minor; (2013)
A magic hour; (2017)
Works for String Trio:
Three Minuets in the Classical Style; (2013)
Klezmer Piece # 1 in g minor; (2013)
Works for String Quartet:
Pastorale in G; (1994)
Pastorale #2 in c minor; (1995)
Central Park Serenade; (2014)
Central Park Serenade, with drum accompaniment; (2015)
Fugue in the Dorian Mode; (2015)
Bourne Cottage Waltz; (2015)
Autumn Serenade: In Memoriam David Diamond; (2015)
"Memories of Novardok" for String Quartet (2016)
Hoe-Down; (2016)
Chaconne in B flat: Homage to Georg Friedrich Handel; (2016)
String Quartet # 1: "Memories of Novardok"; (2016)
PSALM 133; for Soprano, Violin Obbligatto and String Quartet; (2016)
Divertimento for String Quartet; (2018)
Works for String Quintet:
Viola Quintet in e minor; (2014)
Works for Viola Ensemble:
Minuet in F for 4 Violas; (2015)
Works for Cello Ensemble:
Duet in D for 2 Celli; (2015)
Duet in G for 2 Celli; (2015)
Minuet in B flat for 3 Celli; (2015)
"A gathering of friends"; Divertimento for 8 celli; (2017)
"First Quartet for 4 Celli; (2019)
"Second Quartet for 4 Celli; (2020)
Works for Flute and Piano:
Prelude in G; (2012)
Israeli Melody # 1, in a minor; (2014)
Fantasia quasi una Sonata: Homage to K.P.E. Bach (2015)
Klezmer Fantasia; "Journey to a Wedding in Sadigura" (2016)
An American Sonata; Commissioned by Jelena Vuksanović (2019)
Works for Flute Ensemble:
Concertino; Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach, for
three flutes and Continuo; (2018)
Belvoir Minuet; for Three Flutes and Cello; (2018)
Four Modal Interludes, for Two Flutes and Cello;
Commissioned by Lisa Gambacciani for Trio Veneziano; (2020)
Works for Flute Quartet:
Three Meditations for Flute and String Trio; (2014)
Works for Oboe and Piano:
Prelude in A flat; (2012)
Hasidic Melody #1; "a Pilgrimage to Nadvorna" (2016)
Memories of a past life; (2017)
Works for Ehglish Horn and Piano:
Memories of Vishnitz: a Hasidic Rhapsody for English Horn and Piano (2016)
Works for Clarinet and Piano:
Prelude in B flat; (2013)
Hassidic Melody # 1; (2013)
Los Lirios (The Lilies); Concert Fantasia; (2014)
Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano; (2014)
Hasidic Melody #2; "Memories of Pashkan"
Klezmer Piece #1: "A Simcha at Lizhensk" (2016)
In the footsteps of Hawthorne and Mellville:
Fantasia quasi una Sonata; (2018)
Works for Alto Saxophone and Piano:
Hasidic Melody #1; "Memories of Pashkan" (2016)
Works for Woodwind Duets and Piano:
Maple trees of the Berkshires; for Flute, Clarinet and Piano; (2017)
Impressions of Mount Greylock; for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano;
Works for Woodwind Quartet:
Three Meditations; for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Works for Woodwind Quartet and Piano:
Pastorale-Fantasia in F; (2014)
Works for Mixed Ensembles:
"Memories of Ridnik": Fantasia Concertante on
Hasidic Themes for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano; (2016)
Meditation, for Clarinet, Cello and Piano; (2016)
"A legend from long ago" for Flute, Cello and Piano; (2018)
"Musings from the Trail" for Alto Flute, Viola and Piano; (2019)
Introduction and Allegro; for Oboe, Cello and Piano,
Commissioned by Virginia Chang Chien; (2020)
Orchestral Music:
PSALM 133; for Soprano, Violin Obbligatto and String Orchestra; (2013)
"Arrival at the King's Palace": Symphonic Prelude; (2016)
"The Victory of the Forces of Light over the forces of darkness";
....after a reading of the Book of Enoch: Symphonic Anthem in Rondo Form; (2017)
Symphony in one movement: (2017)
Passacaglia in e minor; (2019)
Vocal Music:
PSALM 133: for Soprano, Violin Obbligatto and Piano; (2012)
Thoughts from Walden; for Soprano and Cello; (2012)
PSALM 112; for Chanting A Capella; (2013)
PSALM 113; for Chanting A Capella; (2013)
PSALM 114; for Chanting A Capella; (2013)
Simplicity; (first version), for Soprano and Cello; (2013)
Anthem of Unity; for Baritone, Violin, Cello and Piano; (2014)
Simplicity; (second version), for Soprano and Cello; (2014)
Simplicity; (third version), for Soprano, Cello and Piano; (2017)
PSALM 23: Hebrew Text, for SATB Chorus and Piano; (2019)
Ascent: A Choral Cantata, on a text by Sri Aurobindo, for SATB
Choir, Piano Concertato, Oboe and Violin Obbligato; (2020)
Film Music:
Winter Elegy in D Minor, orchestral music for the film "God Knows Where I Am" The Linda Bishop Story, produced by Jedd and Todd Wider, 2016
Two Ladino Songs, arranged for Viol Consort; (2009)
Three Classic Israeli Songs, transcribed for Flute, Viola and Harpsichord; (2009)
Variations on "Greensleves" for Flute, Viola and Harpsichord; (2009)
"Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, transcribed for Violin and Piano (2014)
American Patriotic Medley, transcribed for Violin and Piano (2016)